3 Dog-Related Activities You Should Try Tomorrow

3 Dog-Related Activities You Should Try TomorrowIt may be a surprise to you if you are new to me or my blogs.

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I’m a furmom to two pit bull mixes.

This means I have kahonas big enough to withstand all the ignorance and stereotypes regarding “bully type” dogs.

Yes, they are bigger than bowling balls!

My dogs furkids are my life. I don’t have human children so I exhaust all my motherly nurturing abilities on them.

Trust me, they love it! There isn’t a day goes by that we are not creating something that is fun for all of us. If you have a dog or dogs, get off the couch and get moving!

3 Dog-Related Activities You Should Try Tomorrow

It’s a proven fact. Dogs are therapeutic. I’m sure you’ve heard about therapy dogs and the effects they have on the elderly in nursing homes.

But shouldn’t we give back to our beloved furry children?


1.  Rubdowns

Believe it or not, rubbing down a dog can be just as good for us as it is for them.

Whether it’s just rubbing our hands down their back, sides, or giving belly rubs, it’s a Win-Win for all.

It can also serve as bonding between master and dog. Quality time with your dogs can have an overall healthy effect for both you and them.

My dogs and I enjoy the rubdowns. As a matter of fact, I’m not sure who enjoys them more!

My boy loves belly rubs. He gets this really silly look on his face, lifts his legs, and sometimes even play growls. Totally cray little boy for sure.

My girl is a bit different. She is still a bit new to my home, just a little over 2 years now. She came from 8 years of hell. She is still learning trust, although we are almost 100% there now, and love. As a breeder dog, she wasn’t shown much love from her humans and is still learning about this.

2.  Walks

I know, cooler temps have settled in where you live and you just don’t feel like walking. But think of the health aspect! Walking your dog(s)s is good cardio for both of you.

Have noticed a bigger midsection on yourself or your dog(s)?

3 Dog-Related Activities You Should Try Tomorrow

Then what better reason to get moving!

If you’re new to this type of exercise, it may be a bit trying at first, especially if your dog is not used to being walked on a leash.

Start small, make them walk beside you, and enjoy!

Again, this is another Win-Win for both and good for your health!

In my home, when the dogs see me grab their collars and leashes, total excitement breaks out! They know they are walking or going for a ride somewhere. Many times I’ll walk them around my property just to keep their leash manners in tack. It’s healthy plus can challenge them mentally.

3.  Go for a Drive

If your dog is one that doesn’t get motion sickness or anxiety, why not go for a ride?

It can be a great visual experience for your furry friend and, if you like to drive, it may be therapeutic for yourself.

Both of my dogs like to ride in my Jeep.

My boy gets a little anxiety, but it’s nothing that a little sweet talking can’t get him through.

My girl wants to ride shotgun but I won’t allow it because of the airbags.

However, I love to drive. I like to take them down the back roads, windows down, and let them experience nature.

There are many more activities

But these are three (3) that are my favorites, other than just sitting with them and loving all up on them.

My dogs have brought so much happiness and love in my life that I don’t think I could ever repay them for their unconditional kindness.

If you’re a dog mom or dad, what are some of your favorite activities to do with them and why?

Watcha think?

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