Remembering the Days of Plain Old Blogging

Remembering the Days of Plain Old BloggingEvery once in a while I get in a bit of a funk thinking back to when I started in blogging. You know, the good old days when we were clueless about SEO and all that other shat and just wrote our little hearts out.

Remembering the Days of Plain Old Blogging

The days when people flocked to our blogs because we had something good to share and they didn’t tear our blogs apart because of:

  • grammar
  • lack of pinnable pictures
  • no keywords
  • bad or lack of SEO

But, we had a huge audience!

Then we discovered “Hey! I can make some money!”

And our blogs were never the same again.

The pressures to do it right!

I get to the point where I say “Screw it!” I want to do it MY WAY!

What’s wrong with that? I mean, I pay for my web host.

I mean, I pay for my web host.

I maintain my blog, theme, and backend maintenance.

I promote all the posts on social media.

I do it all for ME, yet the World wants me to do it their way?

Does that make any sense?

Remembering the Days of Plain Old Blogging


I have another website or a blog if that’s what you want to call it. It’s also my side business that I have been building for over a year. Even IT get’s tedious with trying to write politically correct blog content and being professional while doing so.

It gets old, honey!

We get blinded by the extra money we can make by blogging and we forget about why the hell we started in the first place!

I’m not blaming you. I’m guilty as well![clickToTweet tweet=”The days of just #blogging and not following any rules were the Good Old Days of Blogging!” quote=”The days of just #blogging and not following any rules were the Good Old Days of Blogging!”]

Extra money is always a good thing, especially when you have blogging expenses, right?

But when you build a business surrounding by blogging, web design, and social media, does it seem to take all the fun out of what you once loved?

It’s alright. You can say “Yes”. I won’t condemn you for that.

That’s why I keep a hobby blog and resurrected this one!

But yet I still get sucked into all the politically correct bullshit! SEO, Keywords, Pinnable Images, Eye-Catching Titles, and the rest of that crap!

I don’t want to be a “joiner”, but it happens. Despite my best efforts to not do it, I find myself leaning that way. I’ve conditioned myself to it.

And yes, I do use a Headline Analyzer to see how well my titles will rank!

But I don’t want to!

As I sit here typing this up and I can’t help but notice at the bottom left corner that thing that says “Word Count”. Why do I continue to look at it? Because the rules say Google likes 700-1000 words for a post?

Meh, who the hell cares what Google wants.

I want to know what my audience wants!

Do you want long drawn out posts that ramble on and on only so the author can get that word count?

Or would you prefer shorter content that spells it out and gets straight to the point?

I miss the good old days of blogging

I really do. The blog hops and such were so much fun. No pressures, just networking, making friends, and writing about our lives (even at our family’s expense).

The good old days

Do you miss it? Do you miss jumping through all the hoops and over the hurdles? Are there still other bloggers out there that are doing just what we did back in the day?

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Remembering the Days of Plain Old Blogging

Add yours

  1. HI Bren, I like some things better today and some less. I like not having to use black hat techniques like keyword stuffing.
    I like writing more for an audience and the readers. I can do it more naturally now.
    But with that said it is so hard to generate more traffic today with so many people out there blogging away.
    I try not to get hung up on word count, after all I don’t like reading 3,000 words myself so why would I put my audience through it? Just to please good old Google? If a post needs it I will but not just for the sake of word count.
    Best of luck with the new / old blog Bren! Glad to see you back at this one too!


    1. Hey Lisa!

      I can agree with that. I guess I really don’t like to follow the rules when it comes to blogging. I totally understand if it’s a business, but I remember when blogging was supposed to be fun and for networking. Google steps into it and raises all kind of hell. 😉 I see you are really kicking it on your blog and love watching how it has evolved. Are you still doing your picture blog?

      It really feels good to be back at “hobby” blogging and talking about stuff I know best…. Life. I’ve missed it terribly. I look forward to rebuilding a fab Community like I once had!

      Turkey day is almost here! I hope you have big plans and pig out! Have a fab day girly!



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