The Status Quo: Be Hip or Be Square?

The Status Quo: Be Hip or Be Square?We learn at an early age in school that there are several classifications for people. But when you really think about it, aren’t there just two?

  • the popular kids “Hipsters”
  • the loser/loner kids “Square Pegs”

The Status Quo: Be Hip or Be Square?

Seriously, think about it. The jocks, the smart ones, the rich, the Barbie dolls, and the “I wanna make out with him” are all encompassed into the “popular” kids or the “in crowd”. The others are classified as the potheads, the below C-grade kids, the not quite so cute or handsome kids, loners, and those who don’t wear name brand clothing.

The popular kids appeared to have it made. They had all the friends, the teachers wrapped around their fingers, the hottest boyfriends and girlfriends in the school, the hottest cars, coolest jobs, most fashionable clothing, and parents who let them do just about anything they wanted. They were always invited to parties on the weekends and talked about their weekend adventures the following week at school.

The unpopular kids had teachers calling their homes because their grades were suffering, they skipped school or classes, they smoked in the bathroom and/or locker rooms, they hitchhiked to school because they missed the bus, and we all know that riding the bus as a junior or senior was so totally nerdy. These are some of the ones that worked the disgusting jobs, had acne, wore hand-me-down clothes and shoes and were basically just trying to graduate from school.

It’s kind of like the Breakfast Club

  • the princess
  • the jock
  • the nerd
  • the bad boy
  • the loner

The Status Quo: Be Hip or Be Square?

But Who really had it better? Either?

The popular kids had so much peer pressure to “be” this certain image. They were constantly trying to upkeep an image so they wouldn’t fall from being popular. They generally had to “go with the flow” for fear of being outcast and ending up somewhere in between the popular and the loser kids. The pressure led many to had bouts of depression, turn to drugs or alcohol, and some even with unwanted pregnancies.

The loser kids didn’t have much of a reputation to protect so they pretty much walked to their own beat. They may have been weekly attendees to detention because they got caught doing something they should have been doing on school grounds or failing to do their homework, or maybe even because they had nothing better to do.

As adults, when we look back on this, which do you think actually had it better? One or the other or neither?

Celebrity children

Then we have those child actors/actresses who were popular and had so many expectations to live up to. How many child stars actually never dabbled in sex, drugs, alcohol, and being arrested?

They end up being “washed up” by their early adulthood! Are the pressures of being popular and staying popular really worth it?

So I ask you, Is Being Popular Really All That?

Are the pressures of trying to obtain a certain “image” worth it?

If you had to choose, would you be Hip or be Square?

2 thoughts on “The Status Quo: Be Hip or Be Square?

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  1. I walked to my own beat, embraced the terms “loser” & “need”. Though I believe high school was hard for everyone, pressure of growing up, hormones, teenage drama, so much stress with so little life experience. In college though the popular ones were accepted into notable fraternities that set them up with a network for greater “success” than the outcasts who worked menial retail gigs to get by.


    1. Hey girl!

      Oh indeed, girly! I like to walk to my own beat too! There is a lot of pressure today, still, if not more than when I was in school. At least back then, we didn’t have all the technology of today. It’s really crazy to put so much pressure, unintentionally, on children especially when it can damage them for the rest of their lives. I’m glad you kick it girl! Great to see you here! I’ll be coming by your place in the very near future!



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