3 Reasons Not to Join in on the Black Friday Sales

3 Reasons Not to Join in on the Black Friday Sales

By the time you read this, your Black Friday shopping spree might be over. Then again, some sales do last over into the wee Saturday hours.

I’m not one to join in on Black Friday. Back in my 20’s, I may have entertained the idea once or twice but resulted in an ultimate failure!

Ya see, in case you don’t know, Black Friday can cause a lot of chaos if you are out and about shopping in it. I prefer to stay out of any kind of intentional cray-cray. It works for me and helps me keep my sanity.

3 Reasons Not to Join in on the Black Friday Sales

I’m sure there are more than 3 reasons not to and about quadruple that to participate but I want to focus on the NOT.

You’ll Save Money


That’s right. You SAVE money!

There may some be killer deals out there, however, do you really need that item?

Black Friday Deals are designed to attract you.

Draw you in.

And make you BUY regardless if you need it or not.

All those 50%, 75%, and 85% off tags catch your eye and you say “Wow! I need that!”

That’s part of the sinister plot of those who host Black Friday deals.

Hook ’em and Reel ’em in!

Save your money peeps!

Keep Your Sanity

If you are one that goes out to the stores or Mall, are you freakin’ cray?

When I used to “do it”, the shoppers were so damn rude!

They would push, shove, and take items right out of your hands!

At 49 years old, I know damn well I do not have the patience for such shenanigans and I would end up in jail seeking bail money.

Oh, wait! Did you spend all your money on deals? Did you ever think someone, one of you good friends, may need bailing out?

3 Reasons Not to Join in on the Black Friday Sales

How selfish of you!

Even if you forego the outdoors type shopping and resort to online, have you ever found a great deal only to find out when you add it to your cart that it is no longer available?

That’s enough to make a monkey throw some shat in your direction!

Heed my warning, it’s best to keep your sanity than to mess with a bunch of cray crays and end up in the clink!

Lastly, It’s a Conspiracy!

Black Friday Deals are there as a distraction. A distraction from real life events.

Not only that, this is the day that many stores try to make up for their lack of sales throughout the year!

They don’t care how in debt you are, they will give you CREDIT!

Credit is hard to resist when you need it and you have all these deals staring you straight in the face!

Not only that, Black Friday is the start to the Christmas spending monopoly!



Spend More

Buy More

Be in Debt

Suffer the Consequences

Trust me. They don’t care about anything other than the sale.

They have a quota to be met and if they don’t, someone may be out a job!

By all means, if you don’t need it, don’t buy it.

The closer Christmas nears, the better the deals are going to be.

Save Your Money Now

And wait until a few days before Christmas.

Better yet, if you can, wait until the day after Christmas.

Then you will find the Mega Steals of all Deals!

Over To You

I’m sure you may not agree on my reasonings and I’m fine with that.

Do you join millions of people in Black Friday Deals? Do you head out to the stores or shop right from the comforts of your home?

Here are a few online sales that you may enjoy! 😉

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That said, I did manage to refrain from spending any money on Black Friday. How did you do?

8 thoughts on “3 Reasons Not to Join in on the Black Friday Sales

Add yours

  1. Hi Bren, I do not like shopping in stores on that day. I did buy a few things online that I needed to get for my granddaughter and nephew.
    I did get a social media tool too missinglettr – seems like a cool tool for $6 a month on a black Friday deal.
    I agree, they lure you in with deals and then you buy, buy, buy in the moment. And the lines are crazy along with the traffic! Not for me!
    Have a great weekend Bren!


    1. Hey Lisa,

      I have seen some awesome social media, blogging, and webby sales happening. Very tempting, indeed. However, I’m still trying to refrain. Crazy, right? My favorite WordPress Theme Developer is having a blowout on their themes, and I still resist! I must be MAD! LOL

      The stores have always been a hot mess. Even more so now because there is so much more lack of respect for others. I saw some headlines yesterday of people being trampled and shot! Too cray cray for me. I stayed home in sweats all day with my pups. Very safe place for me. 🙂

      Hope you have a fab weekend! Muwah!



    1. Oh, girl! I used to work retail and dreaded it! The customers were so rude to us! I often remember those days when I shop now and see someone being rude. I’m quick to say something to chill them out. Courtesy goes a long way on both ends, no? I hope it wasn’t too bad for ya girl!


  2. There is a store chain near me that offers socks ½ off for Black Friday until noon. Yes I shop it. It is a grocery store too so I pick up what is needed and socks. I love a crowd and I am disappointed if I don’t see it or some tired shoppers! Since I run an online business we are sure to have free shipping and sales through Cyber Monday. People expect it!


    1. Are those the big fluffy, fuzzy socks? If so, I could be tempted! 🙂 I can understand some of the deals, they are actually some pretty great ones. But to go to the shopping mall here is like madness! Maybe people on the Eastern Shore are a bit crazier? I gave up going the stores and by things online as I need them throughout the year. I can totally understand your online biz having some super deals and hopefully, it was a success for you!


  3. Ironically we even had “Black Friday” sales down here in New Zealand this year – and we don’t even do Thanksgiving! Happy for you guys to keep this nod to consumerism, we get enough with our own Boxing Day sales madness!


    1. How did y’all manage that? No Thanksgiving but Black Friday? I hope at least the sales were good! 😉 Thanks for stopping by and sharing!


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