My Love for Animals will always be Stronger than for Humans

My Love for Animals will always be Stronger than for Humans

My Love for Animals will always be Stronger than for Humans

If you know me, you know how much I love animals, especially my two beloved furry children.

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I don’t have human children, yet I still feel the need to nurture. My furkids were lucky enough to have chosen me to be their momma.

One of the best things about animals, especially dogs, is their unconditional love and loyalty.

Should that be taken for granted?

Absolutely not!

However, there are shitty human beings that do and may I say, in some very heinous and cruel ways.

Let’s Be Honest

Cause I’m all for being honest and telling things as I see them.


I know, it’s no surprise to you.

Humans shit on each other so why not do it to animals.

It emasculates them.

It empowers them.

It pisses me off!

Animals Only Want to Be Loved

When we choose to adopt an animal, we should go into it with intention of caring for a furry person for the rest of our lives.

We should have the means to be able to feed them.

Take care of all their medical needs.

Keep a roof over their heads.

Protect them from harm’s way at all costs.

Give them the unconditional love and loyalty that they give us.

My Love for Animals will always be Stronger than for Humans

They aren’t disposable.

They aren’t meant to be decorations on a chain in your yard.

They weren’t meant to roam the roads.

They Only Want to Be Loved.

Humans, Many of them, Only Want to be Hateful

They strive on being malicious.

They are so miserable with their own lives, they lash out at the innocent animals.

Their heinous acts may start small and increase once the novelty wears off.

Sadly enough, these animals, if they survive, may cower but remain loyal.

Time Spent at a Rescue

A few years ago, I dared to volunteer at a local shelter.

My love of animals and passion to help them lead me on this path.

It was fulfilling knowing I was giving love to the unwanted and abused.


Animal cruelty cases that were so ungodly, I cried and was left with nightmares of what these animals endured.

Being set on fire.

Being beaten.

Left out in all the weather elements.

They were bait dogs.

Dogs that were taught to fight other dogs for someone’s mindless entertainment.

I don’t know if that was good or bad because my faith in humanity was shot.

Never to be found again.

Did I mention, humans suck?

As We Attack One Another

with allegations of “inappropriate behavior”, “offensive touching”, terrorism, racial acts, and other crimes.

There are still others out there continuing to harm and murder archangelic animals.

Simply because they want to.

Because they have nothing better to do than to be murderers.

Humanity has changed over the years and not for the good.

So, as long as humans choose to be judgemental, vile, and ferocious, I will continue to despise the majority of the human race and put my faith in those who deserve it.

The furry, loving ones that love unconditionally, aren’t judgemental and do not intentionally harm us.

My Love for Animals will always be Stronger than for Humans

2 thoughts on “My Love for Animals will always be Stronger than for Humans

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  1. Truth! The unconditional love of animals is a rare gift that humans should respect. Animals are natural healers. Humans are questionable at best. Good for you, Bren for rescuing, volunteering and loving your furbabies. Great post!


    1. You got that right, Lisa! I don’t know what I would do without my animals. I certainly wouldn’t be as strong or as happy of a person as I am now.


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