3 Signs that Prove He’s a Man-Child

3 Signs that Prove He is a Man-Child3 Signs that Prove He’s a Man-Child

You know the type. It’s a Child in a Man’s body. This is commonly called the Man-Child. That body is the only thing that you can conceivably say is definitely a man (or an overgrown child). It’s your story. You tell it.

1.He’s selfish.

He never considers how you feel about things. The World revolves around him and his little bubble of egotistical bullshit. In your time of need, he’s never there for you. Your issues/problems are never big enough for him to think twice about it. When you are faced with a crisis, he conveniently shuts you out and turns off whatever tiny bit of emotions he may have.

Every day that he awakes, he already has his master plan in mind. Any little obstacle with spiral him into a tizzy! (see #2 below) It’s just not you that he’s like this with. It could be friends and family members, but generally, those who he spends the most time with. If he’s military or ex-military, remember, BROS before HOES, and you’re the hoe, girl!

2.He throws tantrums.

When things don’t go his way or your veer from his plan, he’ll throw a hissy fit.

3 Signs that Prove He's a Man-Child

This can include:

  • stomping around the house
  • throwing things
  • slamming doors and/or cabinets
  • deep breaths with disgruntled obnoxious sighs
  • verbal swearing

3.He never admits he’s wrong.

No matter if he is wrong or not, he cannot allow his ego to admit it. He will lie, cheat, steal if he has to just so he doesn’t have to admit that he was actually wrong. You know, these man-children are at their best when you catch them off-guard and confront them. Just watch how quickly they are to turn the focus on you! Or maybe they are one to clam up because they can’t think of the words quick enough to get them out of the lie or whatever it is that they are blatantly wrong about!

And furthermore

3 Signs that Prove He is a Man Child

You know as well as I do, there are many more signs of a Man-Child. The sad thing is, there are a lot of them out there. It may be too late before you actually figure out what they really are! Let me retract that.

Trust me when I say, you will thank yourself and ease your stress level if you rid yourself and your kingdom of this type of man.

I finally came to realize that the man-child previously in my life could no longer have power over me.

My sanity.

My health.

My livelihood was dependent upon me to rid my life of this child.

It’s the best thing I’ve ever done!

What about you?

Have you experienced a Man-Child in your life and how did you handle him?

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