Dating Breakups Post Millennial: It’s Not the 80’s Anymore

Dating Breakups Post Millennial: It's Not the 80's AnymoreDating Breakups Post Millennial: It’s Not the 80’s Anymore

I think it’s amazing how times have changed. I was born in the late 60’s and have surpassed many technological changes in our World.

Thinking about dating and relationships

Dating and Relationships have a come a long way from the 50’s and 60’s. At least, that’s what I thought when I began dating in the 80’s.

We didn’t have cell phones. We couldn’t text nor make phone calls without either finding a landline phone or one that we had to drop dimes or quarters into.

We actually used letter writing to message one another. Little love notes that would be passed during classroom time or on the school buses.

We also had our friends that would spread the word quickly if we were crushin’ in a boy or girl.

Sometimes the “hookups” came easy. But the “breakups” always seemed to be worse!

Breaking up in the 80’s

Think about it.

If you were dating in the 80’s and either “got dumped” or was the “dumpee”, how did it happen?

  • We called them using a landline phone that we drug into our bedrooms so we could have some privacy.
  • We called them using a payphone at the corner store or Mall.
  • We wrote them a note and either put it on their car windshield overnight or while they were at work.
  • A note could have been placed in their locker if you attended the same school.
  • A friend could hand deliver the note and smirk as they handed it over to the “to be dumped”.
  • Or, the worse way, just ignore them.

Sounds a bit crazy or harsh but that’s what we had in the 80’s.

Dating Breakups Post Millennial: It's Not the 80's Anymore


Fast forward to the present

When the era of the Internet hit, dating became a bit more complicated and maybe a bit easier.

The Internet has given us dating sites so we could “hookup” with others that we might not normally come across in our daily travels nor recognize that they were potentially single.

But along with this new age of “dating”, a more dramatic way of breaking up has happened.

Nowadays, we can get dumped or dump someone by

  • Using IM Chat or FB Messenger
  • Using Skype
  • Using Social Media
  • Email
  • Text via cellphone
  • Phone call
  • Or just simply posting it on Facebook (previously Social Media) but I’ve seen this one done firsthand.

It’s pretty hardcore when ya think about it.

But it happens.

Not only has the World become cowardly when it comes to breakups, but just very unkind.

It’s easy to shut out someone by just ignoring them online and blocking their phone number on our cell phones.

Chances of them swinging by your job or your home and leaving a note on your vehicle are slim to none.

It’s a bit cray-cray if you ask me!

As a woman over 40 in the dating World

Another thing we have to remember, as midlifers, not only is there slim pickings out there, but there is a lot of baggage!

People have children, animals, and a lot of emotional hurts and drama with them.

People over 40 have grown accustomed to their ways and may be very unlikely to change their ways for anyone!

Dating over 40 can also be a bit scary! The World is full of cray-cray people looking for booty calls, baby mommas and daddies, sugar mommas and daddies, a place to crash, and someone to take care of them.

Trust me when I say this, the breakups aren’t any easier!

So when you think of technological advances

Think about how impersonal we have become to actually talking to one another face-to-face or via phone. Texting is much easier and convenient.

That means if you are single or a divorcee nowadays, chances are you may get dumped via text or messenger.

Are you ready for this?

How do you feel about dating or dumping in 2017/2018?

Let’s dish!

11 thoughts on “Dating Breakups Post Millennial: It’s Not the 80’s Anymore

Add yours

  1. You trying to tell us something? lol

    I’m glad not to have to go through any of this but you make a very valid point. The closest to an impersonal breakup in the 80’s might have been leaving a message on someone’s answering machine, and in the late 90’s sending email. These days, it could be as simple as changing the relationship status on Facebook.

    I understand that breaking up with someone is difficult to do but it needs to be done in person. One never knows if someone else has co-opted the phone or whatever and is trying to cause trouble. At least that’s how I see it.


    1. Yes! Didn’t you know? I got divorced and am back in the dating World! 😉

      I agree with being in person, to an extent, Mitch. People today aren’t who they were in the 80’s. Nowadays, people are so easily offended that getting them only “slightly” angry may end you up in court for something. I do agree, anything other than in person is impersonal but we do have to worry about the safety factor.

      Great to see you hear, Mitch, sharing your fab opinions!


  2. I don’t care how technologically advanced we are, anyone who breaks up with another person electronically or by “ghosting” them is the lowest of the low, in my opinion. Absolutely NO class! 😦 Then again, I’ve been married for 44 years, so, what do I know? The world has changed and not necessarily for the better in many ways. Just call me an “old curmudgeon”. 😉


    1. I get that, Debbie. I, too, would rather do in it person, but as I mentioned to Mitch, people are so easily offended nowadays and are short-fused. Breaking up in person could be a volatile situation, for male or female. Not sure I like being back on the dating scene yet, but it is a lot different than in the 80’s and 90’s. 🙂


      1. I hadn’t considered that aspect. Yes, of course, you have to protect yourself! My last dating world experience was in the ’70s. I don’t envy anyone having to negotiate that path nowadays. Good luck, Bren! Hope you find a “keeper” one of these days.


        1. Debbie, I wouldn’t wish dating on anyone over 40 nowadays but then again, I wouldn’t wish a marriage built on lies either. Unfortunately, I like having a male companion so how else to meet them? The older they are though, the more they are stuck in their ways. It’s a bit crazy but I’m not giving up. Thanks for all the support, Debbie! xox


    1. In my younger days, I didn’t have any problems, Rebecca. But nowadays, at almost 50 and back in the dating world, it’s kind of difficult. It’s like I don’t want to hurt their feelings but they just are “doing it” for me.


  3. Back in the 80’s I did it over the phone and in person. Never easy. In the 2000’s when I was online dating, I did it in person or over email. Still never easy. The biggest difference I noticed is that I’m pickier now. When I was younger I used to think I could change someone or would get used to that thing that annoyed me. Now I know that it won’t happen. So one date was usually enough for me to know that it wasn’t going to work. And yes, even as picky as I was, I did find someone and we’ve been together for over 9 years now.


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