Finding a Good Man is a lot like Buying a New Car

Finding a Good Man is a lot like Buying a New Car!

Do you remember the good old days when your Mother would say “You find yourself a good man and get him to marry you.” But this is 2017! A good man can be hard to find (as well as a good woman). But when you think about it, deep down, finding a good man is a lot like buying a new car!

Finding a Good Man is a lot like Buying a New Car!

Since I’ve reentered the dating world at 49, my thinking has changed from 20 some years ago. Back then, it was all fun and games. Look for the hottest guy you could get, get him to wine and dine you, and then play cat and mouse.

But today is much different, at least for me. Things I could do in my 20’s and get away with it, just don’t seem to be acceptable at almost 50. Maybe it’s just in my mind but I’m having difficulty with the “juggling” act. Could be I was married for so long and was in the mind frame of one on one (although my ex-wasn’t)?

Yet despite all the crazy shat that goes through my head now when seeking potential “dates”, I still continue to put myself out there. Yes, it’s definitely not for the squeamish or weak-hearted!

You Wouldn’t Buy a Car Without Checking it Out, Right?

Let’s look at the similarities – Potential Man Date Versus Buying to New Car


You want to make sure it fits within your budget.

New Car Buying

  • Is it a gas hog?
  • Does it require more than usual routine maintenance?
  • Are the parts to fix it affordable?
  • What about insurance? Is that affordable too?

Potential Male Partner

  • Does he require a high intake of food and fluids?
  • Will he need more than minimal nurturing?
  • Is he high maintenance, as in needing high-quality name brand items or is he satisfied with generic?
  • Is he healthy or is he about ready to keel over? If so, make sure you are beneficiary of the life insurance policy. 🙂


New Car Buying

  • Is it easy to park?
  • Can you access the mirrors with minimal effort?
  • Are the radio controls at your fingertips?
  • Does it have auto climate control?
    Finding a Good Man is a lot like Buying a New Car!

Potential Male Partner

  • Will he try to hog your favorite couch or is he content sitting in the recliner?
  • Is he tall enough to reach those high places that you normally need a step stool or ladder to reach?
  • Will he happily make repairs around the house on your timetable?
  • Can he endure the menopausal temperature changes you experience on a daily basis?


New cars come with a Warranty that covers malfunctions of pretty much all sorts.

But do men? I mean, if you’re Man gets broken, is he easy to replace? Is it going to be covered under warranty or are you going have to pay dearly for the repairs?


When I test drive a vehicle, I want to make sure it’s going to perform the way I want it to. If I hit the gas pedal, I want an immediate response! If I need to swerve my car to avoid hitting a furry creature entering the roadway I’m hauling ass down, I need it to happen!

That said if I’m in loving, kind of smexy mood, I want my man (as should you) to be able to rise to the occasion right on the spot! I mean, I know his “immediate response” time may not be as quick as punching the pedal of a HEMI, but 10 minutes is definitely too long!


Depending on the brand of car or truck you buy, you generally have a good idea if it’s going to make it for the long haul. For example, a Jeep is definitely going to make it 300k plus!

But what about a Man? What is his longevity going to be? We are in midlife now. How many more miles does he have before he needs an overhaul?

It’s definitely something to ponder, don’t ya think?

So there ya have it!

Before you start out on your new dating adventure of seeking the perfect man you can tolerate for the rest of your life, make sure you write down:

  • what you absolutely need
  • what you would like but isn’t mandatory
  • what you would settle for
  • and don’t forget about the warranties and/or trade-in values! 😉

I’d love to hear from you!

Watcha think?

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