Who’s Creating These “So Called” Blogging Rules?

This was previously published on Gals Pushin’ 50.

Whos Creating These So Called Blogging Rules

I have been blogging for over eight years now. I’ve had many blogs and many different niches. When I first started out, it was simply for the hobby. But the need to be bigger and better quickly took the “fun” out of blogging and turned it into a competition and following too many guidelines written by the “so-called” Blogging Gods.

Who’s Creating These “So-Called” Blogging Rules?

There are those who have been blogging for many more years than myself. I’m sure some of these folks set some of the blogging standards we read about. However, why is it necessary for all of us to follow like whimpering little puppy dogs?

Google sets a lot of rules and regulations when it comes to Blogging, Linking, Affiliate Marketing, and so on. Who the hell put Google in charge?

Rules Were Meant to be Broken

Apparently, when we don’t follow the rules set forth by the Google Gods, we get our bums slapped and are told to “fix it.” But what if it’s not broken per our standards? Google has the power to remove our websites from web searching and can strip us of our page rank just like we are plagued with a skin eating virus!


Yes, I know about the slap on the bum because it happened to one of my previous blogs. Because of the “so-called” rules that I broke when it came to product reviews and sponsored content, I was stripped of my ranking.


That made it next to impossible to regain my high-ranking and retain any sponsors I had as well the monetizing through brands!

Crap! But I Thought I Followed the Rules!

Although I still don’t know exactly what I farked up, because Google denied my reinstatement request, I gave it all up! But why? Does Google and its almighty power matter?

I guess so!

Some may say “Screw Google!” Believe it or not, Google can and will destroy your blog if you don’t follow their rules.

But What About the Other Rules?

What about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Well, if we don’t use SEO, the interweb has made it that much harder for our blogs to be seen.

But if you don’t like to play with SEO, what else can you do?

  • Join Facebook Groups that promote sharing of blog links.
  • Join Linky Parties where you can drop your post so others can read it.
  • Commenting on other blogs can get your name seen and your blog.
  • Show a genuine interest in networking with people on Social Media outlets.
  • Share your content everywhere!

The rules tell us not to over self-promote, but who decides what is too much? I say, find a rhythm that works for you and go for it! But don’t just promote your content (that would be pretty egotistical of you, right), be sure to share those blog posts that you comment on. I’m sure the blogger will appreciate it and may even reciprocate!

Pinit Whos Creating All These So Called Blogging Rules

So, Who Is Making These Rules?

To be honest, I don’t care. I decided shortly after my nightmare with Google that I was going to walk to my own beat.

  • Don’t tell me I need to blog on a self-hosted platform because this one isn’t.
  • Don’t tell me I need to make costly Pinterest images for my blog because I’ll stick with my cheapies
  • Don’t tell me about keywords and SEO because it just makes me wanna bitch slap someone!

Just simply don’t tell me how I should handle my blog, and I won’t tell you!

The only thing I will tell you is:

  • Be true to your voice
  • Set your own rules for blogging
  • Don’t get caught up in the competition
  • Blog for hobby and fun
  • If you’re going to blog for money, then make sure you follow the rules 😉

As long as we can keep it fun, it doesn’t seem like work, right?

Over to You

Do you follow all the blogging guidelines set forth by the blogging powers above? What about Google? Have you ever been penalized and how did you correct it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


36 thoughts on “Who’s Creating These “So Called” Blogging Rules?

Add yours

  1. Hi Bren,

    It is always hard for me to follow any rules. As my blog is informational and set up for people to join my list for marketing purposes, I do have fun with it. Plus all the people I meet on my blog.

    I always say that I’m my own Google because I have a network of people that I go to each week. I like to enjoy many niches. I never got the “niche specific” thing nor the SEO thing. I’m a blogger and do teach others the how to’s of blogging and marketing. Only if they want to learn. If not…I like the peeps I hang out with.

    I don’t know why MGP got a spanking from Google. It’s beyond me. You always had good stuff there that I enjoyed reading. But here you are … rising above the Google Gods and good for you!



    1. Hey Donna,

      It’s still baffling to me why MGP was attacked by the “powers above”. I even made sure all links were Nofollow and every sponsored post was marked as such. I guess they wanted to just piss in my cereal one more.

      I know you’re one to not play by the rules and I want to be more like that. Because MGP was being monetized, the slap on my bum caused me to lose money. That made me very angry!

      I like that you have your own Community. I had one in MGP and hope to have an even larger one here. So what if I don’t follow SEO and the “rules”. I’m walking to my own beat, creating my own little haven, and will do it my way.

      I’m so glad to see you stop by here and comment! Have a fab week ahead girly!



  2. I’m with you Bren.

    Even though I wasn’t slapped, I felt for those who were. It seems Ggl changes their rules so often. Unfortunately, people who mean well and use their blogs to earn an honest living get penalized. So as far as I’m concerned, while I understand about the importance of search engines for people to find us, we can’t count on these big companies to have our best interests at heart.

    Because they don’t. They really don’t.

    Follow your own rules my friend. I think there’s a magic in that.


    1. Hey Dana!

      The slap affected many people. After I shut down MGP, I quit following what was going on. I wonder how many others said “Fark it” and shut theirs down too? I’m not sure how many loops one would have to go through in order to be reinstated. I had one denial for my request and that was enough for me.

      I like how you say we can’t count on these big companies. Although they can make getting sponsors and brands next to impossible with page analytics, the Communities we build along with our own products seem much more important.

      I’m strutting to my own beat of the Bee Gee’s girlfriend. Remember John Travolta strutting in Saturday Night Fever? Oh yes, momma. This girl is doing it!



  3. Hi Bren. You’re quite angry, aren’t you? I won’t tell you that you need to blog on a self-hosted platform, but I’ll tell you the huge disadvantage of using a third party platform like this one:

    you MUST follow THEIR RULES.

    This is a MUST. It’s not like the blogging rules you’re angry on, even if no one forces you to comply with such rules.

    Long time ago I had a WordPress-hosted blog, I invested time and energy into that blog and… one day…. bam! It was deleted by WordPress. Why? I have no clue, I guess they considered that I didn’t follow one of their rules.

    What you also have to know is that if you break the rules today, you won’t get noticed tomorrow. There are tons of WordPress hosted blogs. No, you’ll break the rules (without knowing) for some months – and during these months you work on this blog, spend your time – and then one day… it may happen.

    So… take care. This is a friendly warning. And be sure that you don’t post banners on this blog. Banner advertising is against their rules.


    1. Adrian, I almost lost my WordPress.com hosted blog — my first blog. I somehow missed the rule about affiliate links. At the time I sold and shipped my own book inventory and was not an Amazon affiliate. I did, however, like to illustrate my posts with an occasional Zazzle product that fit the theme. No one said a word to me about it until I blogged about dealing with a Microsoft store rep trying to get product information. I kept bouncing around the voice menu as they tried to figure out which department I needed. I spent a lot time on hold. I had found a Zazzle product picturing a skeleton covered in spider webs hanging onto a phone and posted it as my illustration. The next day I got a notice from WordPress that my blog would be deleted since it was promotional. I was able to demonstrate that the purpose of the blog was not affiliate selling and most links went to my own sites. I promised to take out all affiliate links, and they let me keep the blog. I was lucky. Your warning is right on.


      1. Hey Barbara!

        Oh no! At least they gave you warning, right?

        I know there are a lot of people who don’t read the rules of the free blogging platforms. However, being one who used WordPress in the past, I know what I’m getting into. Like I mentioned to others, I have not intention of monetizing this site. I make money via my other business site instead. This is to be fun and carefree and abiding by the rules placed by WordPress. The rules I care not to follow is all the SEO mumbo jumbo. It gets really old trying to please the Ggl Gods. I’m just not buying into it, at least, on this site.

        I’m glad you popped over to comment on Adrian’s reply and share your own personal experience. It’s good for others to read and understand that Free isn’t always Free.

        Have a great day!



    2. Hey Adrian,

      I appreciate you “jumping through hoops” and doing a little “experiment” here on the commenting. You rock in my book!

      I know WordPress.com has a bunch of rules and yes, I will abide by those. I don’t plan on monetizing this site with affiliate links, banners, or sponsored content. The intent is to blah blah blah as I please and grow another Community of rockstars.

      Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, LOVE self-hosted websites. My business blog is still there. However, I wanted a challenge as well. I wanted to see how large I can build this Community without the likes of self-hosting. Straight up gabbing, an image or two, and random comments.

      Will it grow as I’m hoping? I’m not sure. However, it’s going to be fun trying. If I get tired of the yada yada yada, at least I know I have the option to move it to self-host.

      I can’t believe your site just up and disappeared! I heard about that with Blogger but not WordPress. That’s pretty crazy! I hope you had backup!

      I truly value your opinion and your expertise, Adrian, so thank you again for the chat on Facebook and your wisdom in your comment here.

      Have an awesome week ahead!



  4. Hey Brenda,

    Great advice. Sorry to hear about your Girly Pants, I knew you had stopped doing it from your other posts but I was not aware you had such an ordeal to go through. Shame really because there were great topics on that blog.

    I like to know the rules, I certainly follow as long as they are mixed in with my style. I don’t do things just because, I do them because they suit me.

    I haven’t been in the blogging business as long as you, I feel and see the competition but I won’t be a part of it. I have always gone at my own learning pace. Do I want to be better, sure. Do I want more traffic, absolutely but I can’t see others as competition. Teachers, collaborators and fun connections, but not something where I have to watch others because they may get something that I don’t. I don’t play life like that.

    Thanks for the reminder.



    1. Hey Rachel,

      Crap happens, right? We either let it beat us or we pick our bums up off the ground and come back even stronger! That is what I’m doing!

      The whole Ggl thing really burnt me up. I’m still angry but at least it forced me to take action and take matters into my own hands. I like your attitude, Rachel. Do it because it suits YOU! Your website is thriving simply because you do it YOUR WAY.

      The need to compete was always there for me, as I started as a pet blogger. Let me tell you, they are just as big or bigger as the mom bloggers. It took me years to figure out that I didn’t need to compete. There is an audience for everyone, no matter how big or small. If we have something to say, someone will read it.

      Great to see you walking to your beat, gf!



    1. Well, welcome to what you shouldn’t follow. haha No really, don’t take my advice but do a lot, I mean A LOT of research if you are doing product reviews, sponsored content, or affiliate links. The rules are atrocious and you don’t want your site being penalized.



  5. Yeah, I hear horror stories about Google.

    I don’t pay much attention to it though 🙂 I just blog and create – hopefully – great content and share it on social media. I don’t pay attention to SEO at all (I don’t fill out that YOAST SEO thing), but I’m happy with that.

    You grow a following and a tribe and that’s what counts. THEY are the ones to share your posts, comment on your blog and follow you. You’ve already done that!


    1. Hey Elna!

      I’m so surprised to hear you don’t use SEO! And for the record, I despise Yoast! It’s so cray! You have a HUGE audience and without following all the “so called” rules of blogging and the Ggl monster, I applaud you! You and Donna Merrill are all about building that “tribe” or as I say, a “Community”. I think it can really work! I’m even wondering now if my time spent on Triberr is worth it. What are your thoughts on that? Do you think FB Blogging Groups are more worthwhile?

      It’s always a huge pleasure having you here! 😉



  6. Yep, that is me in a nutshell. it is only a matter of time before Google goes after the newest one. But you what, I do not care. I have placed the proper “this post has affiliate links, blah, blah, blah on every post that requires it., per U.S. law. That is the law I follow. You are right, who makes these rules. I have two blogs that Google stripped the rankings of, and again, I do not care what Google says. I say “Google can kiss my little patootie”, LOL..


    1. Hey Tricia!

      I’m glad you are following the “rules” for sponsored and affiliate links. That’s a plus. However, I did on my old site too and still got slapped down by the sword of Ggl. Ack! But I love your attitude girl! If more people got this attitude, maybe Ggl would quit bugging the snot out of people!

      Great to have ya here!



  7. Hi Brenda, Good luck with the new blog here. Love the graphics. I am surprised you went with wordpress vs self hosted. I give you credit for all the changes and creativity you have brought to the table.


    1. Hi Lisa,

      Thank you! You know how much I love a challenge! With the intent to not monetize this site, keep it easily managed, and fun are the main reasons why I decided to go the freebie route. I remember when I started MGP, I think I started on WP.com or Blogger. Been so long. I eventually moved it as it grew. I like to experiment with my stats too. I know the traffic I got with MGP on self-hosted. I’m curious is I can meet or better that here. I look forward to growing this site like I did MGP and keep it real and to the point. Love for ya to stick around!



  8. Hi Bren, I love your new site! I also love that you will break the rules!! 🙂 I really take a dislike to blogs that are all about ads and SEO, to the point where you’re not sure where to click on the site without ending up at a product page. OR when it’s painfully obvious that the blogger is making their writing SEO optimized (repeating the same key word over and over until the blog sounds like it’s written for a preschooler).I’m with you in that I could care less about my ranking on google. I don’t even check my stats anymore. I look forward to more fabulous posts from you here at pushin 50! I love that name!


    1. Hey gf!

      Oh, thank you so very much my friend! I still have my biz site and do have to abide by some rules but I want this one to be fun. Screw it, ya know? I just want to rebuild the Community I once had and blab about growing older. I know we can all relate to that, right? Glad to hear you walk to your own beat! We should start a club! LOL Maybe I’ll make a FB group….. like SCREW SEO? LOL

      Have a fab day girly!


  9. I wondered why you weren’t blogging on MGP I’m pleased I’ve found you again. It’s right that spammy, low value, sites get penalized but that most definitely didn’t apply to yours. The Google bot(tom) needs a slap, not yours.

    I’m a long term blogger but I’ve never been a Google groupie. Maybe that’s why my blog hasn’t risen to meteoric heights – oh well, I’ve just started a couple of e-commerce sites, one of them for affiliate sales, but realize they may bomb if they suffer the wrath of the search engines.

    Thanks Tricia, you reminded me that one of these sites doesn’t have the proper affiliate link documentation.


    1. Hey Sue! Great to see you here!

      Yup, I got the smack down and still for the life of me, don’t understand it. Even when I changed all the links to Nofollow, they still wouldn’t reinstate my site. Just don’t get it at all.

      I’m so happy to hear you “not following” all the “so called” rules of Ggl Meister. But at least you are having fun blogging, right? You need to share those new sites with me gf!

      Btw, I deactivated my FB account as well but do have a new one and send you a friend request. Hope to see you there!



  10. I love your post! I really don’t understand the rules and everything else. I pay for my site and my numbers go up and down like a yo-yo. I really just do what makes me happy and my readers!!!


    1. Hey Kim,

      Thanks girl! Ya know, that’s a good attitude to have. Free or paid sites, the stats will rise and plummet. I think it’s fun to watch the analytics and try to decipher them sometimes. 🙂 Must be the geek in me. However, there are so many rules! And even when you think you’re following them, like I did, Ggl will slap ya anyway. Ugh!

      Just be true to yourself and blog your heart out!

      Thanks for sharing here with us!



  11. Well, on a second post I’m still going to say that I think you were in a great position to just ignore Google and do your own thing. I mean, you’re already everywhere: Twitter, Facebook, and Flipboard! lol

    I don’t have a problem with some rules, and actually they’ve helped me refine those folk who still want to advertise or have sponsored posts on my one blog. However, when it comes to my other blogs, I figure I’ll just promote my stuff in all those other places, hope that most of my traffic comes from that, and eventually Google would have to come back to me, like they’ve done for a few other bloggers I know of.

    From my perspective, if it costs me the measly $100+ a month I’m making as compared to the other money… I can live with it. 🙂


    1. Hey Mitch!

      Welcome to my new little home! You’re right, however, like I mentioned in my previous comment to you on the other post, I think I was ready for a new challenge. Pushin’ 50 will weed out those who came to My Girly Parts looking for lady bits being published. 😉

      Some rules are good and I am following them on my biz site. As Adrian mentioned above, I am still following some rules here as well. BUT, this blog is simply for fun, entertainment, and building that safe haven for my women friends (and those men who dare – like yourself). I know the world doesn’t revolve around the Ggl ho but dang, it took me years to build that page ranking and they just BLAM! Stripped it away from me! Made me feel like was r a p e d or something. Ugh

      I do appreciate your wisdom, Mitch. You and Adrian are two I know I can turn to and will be straight up honest with me.

      Thanks for visiting my new blog! I hope you’ll return!



    1. Thanks, Renee. There are so many bloggers out there offering advice and it’s so easy to fall prey. I like to recommend taking all you read into consideration but then work on what works best for you. Not any one blogger is alike. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  12. I don’t bother with SEO – I write what I want to write on my blog & have been doing well, in my eyes, for the last 6 years on a weekly basis. I don’t like ads & stopped my affiliations as I couldn’t be bothered with it all. I prefer blogging for fun 😊


    1. Hey Linda! I’ve been reading yours and I love it. It’s carefree, fun, and engaging! I say, do whatever works for ya and you’ll go far. There are readers out there for every blogger. The news will travel. 🙂 Have a blast!


  13. This is a good one Bren. I agree that all these rules can take the fun out of blogging. I tend to do a little of both. I do my own thing but I make sure my posts are SEO ready. But as far as being everywhere, commenting and sharing – man I used to stress about this and my goal was to do 10 a day. Now I do what I can. 🙂

    Great post B!



    1. Hey Cori. Thanks, girl. I know many that do follow SEO rules. I have no problem with that. It’s all about keywords and attracting folks to your site, especially your business site. But for hobbiers, I just don’t see it. I try not to with this blog. It’s fun for me. I bla bla bla whatever I want. People can come or not. I’d prefer they do but ya know, I’m writing what I want and how I want. Don’t you remember those days? 😉

      Keep up your good work, gf! We need to catch up!


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