Valentine’s Day: It’s Alright to Be Your Own Valentine

Valentine's Day: It's Alright to Be Your Own Valentine

Too much emphasis is put on this Hallmark Holiday called Valentine’s Day, or otherwise known as Saint Valentine’s Day or Feast of Saint Valentine.

Valentine’s Day: It’s Alright to Be Your Own Valentine

The History

Valentine’s Day originated as a Western Feast Day to honor a few Saints named Valentinus. It’s a bit odd to me to think that Valentine’s Day originated as a religious holiday versus the now romanticcommercialize one.

This history itself is rather extraordinary. If you ever get really bored, Google it and read more.

I don’t care to dwell on any more of the history of Valentine’s Day but want to fast-forward to the now “so-called” Day of Love.

In 1979, the Valentine’s Day, that most resembles today’s Hallmark Holiday, ignited thanks to a British Publisher who wrote a book filled with romantic, sentimental verses for those young lovers who were unable to write their own.

I scoured the internet in search of this book but was unable to score a copy. I’m sure there are quips out there somewhere.

From there, the birth of creating handmade fancy valentine’s made with ribbons, lace, and paper began.

Thus, The Birth of the Valentine’s Card

Somewhere over the years, retailers found they could make a few bucks by promoting Valentine’s products. Hyping up the day as a “Lovers” or “Romantic” holiday added fuel to the fire!

Chocolates became the main focus and sometime after the mid 20th century, the exchanging of cards was replaced with gifts, such as jewelry.

Present Day

I’ve always associated Valentine’s Day with being in “love” or having a special partner to share it with. My previous marriage changed that for me. It’s difficult to believe in such a “holiday” for lovers when there is so much deception out there.

I quickly learned that my Valentine’s would be those I care most about, my dogs. They love unconditionally and I believe they are the best Valentine’s ever.

But I’m not the only one that associates Valentine’s Day with love or having a partner we care about.Valentine's Day: It's Alright to Be Your Own Valentine

As a now-divorced woman, and knowing many divorcees, that is a lot of bitterness on this day. We have become so conditioned to this “so-called” Day of Romance, that we get depressed in knowing we don’t have a “Valentine”.

Hear Me When I Say This

A “partner” or “lover” does not define us in any way other than how we allow it to.

If you don’t have a special person in your life or furry loved ones, why not try something new and:

Be Your Own Valentine

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking time out for You.

We can be our greatest loves or our worst enemies.

Don’t allow this day to depress you.

Don’t feel sad for yourself.

There is so much to be thankful for on this Hallmark Holiday.

Life in itself is a gift.

Love is a beautiful gift, however, it does not need to come from someone else.

Loving ourselves is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

Take care of yourself.

Treat yourself to something special. It doesn’t have to be big.

Try something new and be your own Valentine this Valentine’s Day.

There’s no shame, ladies, and gentlemen.

If we cannot love ourselves, what do we have?

Now stop whatever you’re doing and give yourself a big old hug!



10 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day: It’s Alright to Be Your Own Valentine

Add yours

    1. You’re so right, Shari! I have always been an advocate of loving ourselves first so why not take some of these “holidays” and just do for us? Thanks for commenting!


  1. Bren this was so honest and so true. In Australia we don’t focus much on V Day and I’m secretly relieved. Even though I love my husband dearly, sending him cutsey cards and flowers just doesn’t do it for me!


    1. Hey Leanne! I try to be as “raw” as possible. 😉 I love how not all countries observe the same holidays or “Hallmark” days. Personally, I’d rather show my person my love on a daily basis than having an overcommercialized day for it. Consider yourself lucky, girl! 🙂


  2. YUP! Love this post, Bren! It’s so true and never too many reminders. Valentine’s is over rated. One thing I like to ask the newly divorced is, how was it when you were married? I know I had some memorable Valentine’s but not for the right reasons. So, it can be lonely even in a marriage.


    1. Hey Lisa! Thanks, girl! Oh, my ex wasn’t not big on any holiday. He probably wouldn’t have done anything IF I didn’t make a stink. Although now I know the majority of his actions weren’t genuine, it was just to shut me up. Sad, right? Maybe in the very beginning but looking back now, I was so blind to what was going on.

      Hope you have a fab V Day girly and treated yourself to something spectacular! Muwah! xox


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