Life Can Suck the Blogging Right Outta Ya!

Life Can Suck the Blogging Right Outta YaIt happens to the best of us.

We have all good intentions of blogging on a routine basis and then all of a sudden LIFE happens.

Life takes priority over our blogging efforts and we spiral into the land of crickets.

I’ve allowed this to happen to me.

Life Can Suck the Blogging Right Outta Ya

For the past year, my life has taken a huge change.

  • I got divorced
  • My business suffered
  • I find myself again
  • I regained my happiness
  • My friends are back
  • I’m dating
  • I’m taking care of my own home
  • My life is superb!

But again, my blog(s) have suffered.

It can happen to anyone

You may beat yourself up for the first couple of weeks and then you come to a point and realize “When the hell did I ever have time to blog in the first place?”

Between social media, blogging, networking, and life, it’s no wonder we remember to change our undies!

There were many times that I had awesome mediocre post ideas and just couldn’t find the time to put them down into writing.

My routine is off and it’s because Life is happening.

Being lost

It’s easy to let blogging slip by the wayside, especially when there are so many good things happening in life.

Whether it’s a new hobby, job, or just spending time with loved ones, it happens.

Don’t beat yourself up over it!

But I do.

It’s just the way I am.

I even let my business blog slack.

My business itself has slacked, partly due to no fault of my own.

So, I had a moment here and thought I would blog my thoughts out and share them with y’all.

I know you will understand.

You’ve been there.

You may even be there now.

I’m not alone

When I started blogging back in 2010, of course, that was at least a dozen blogs ago, I had so many blogging friends.

We were loyal to commenting and sharing one another’s posts.

More than half of those bloggers are no longer blogging now.

One of my old friends, Donna of The Redneck Princess, disappeared for quite some time. I continue to follow her blog and enjoy your updates that basically apologize first for being MIA and then secondly, share the Life that got in the way.

My girl, Cyn of The Racy Redhead and now Peace Love and Margaritas, has done the same.

Sometimes we come back as a new, improved blog and persona!

Others, we try to recoup what we once had but lack the passion to pursue new traffic and connections!

It’s not the same blogging world

There are more bloggers today than ever. Those that are doing it full-time and for money.

That makes it harder for someone like me who does it part-time and just for fun.

If you’re not blogging or hard at it on a daily basis, you’re certainly going to get left in the dust.

We can only hope that when we do return, our loyal friends and fans are still there waiting for our stories of where we have been and what in the hell Life has done with us!

We get discouraged easily because some of the blogging networks that help us connect with like-minded bloggers are gone!

Algorithm changes make it more difficult for us to have our content seen on Facebook and other social media platforms.

It’s easy to say “Bump it” and run back to life.

If you enjoy it, do it

This is where I like to say “Blogging is meant to be fun.”

At least it used to be.

SEO and other changes can suck the damn fun right outta it!

Life Can Suck the Blogging Right Outta Ya

Just as Life can.

But if we have the will, there is always a way.

There are still many bloggers out there blogging for fun.

They blog to share their stories and their wisdom.

Every Wednesday, Leanne of Cresting the Hill, along with a few other mid-life bloggers, hosts a Midlife Share the Link Party.

This is a great way to get back into the blogging scene!

Many of these women are blogging because they like to.

No pressures.

Making friends.

General conversation.

Good support.

Check it out!

Click the link!

Read some of the stories!

Remember to have fun

If you’re blogging, just to blog, remember to have fun.

Don’t pressure yourself.

Blog at your own pace.

Continue to make connections.

Enjoy yourself.

And when Life gets in the way, let it happen.

Come back to blogging when you’re ready.

We’ll all be waiting for ya! 😉


26 thoughts on “Life Can Suck the Blogging Right Outta Ya!

Add yours

  1. Hi Bren, I can surely relate this week. Actually it’s been a while taking care of dad kind of took a lot of time away from my blogging. And now with his death there’s more things to deal with.
    I think everyone is different and everyone finds different ways of coping with life changing events.
    I hope to get right back in it soon as I know it’ll help me get through things. But others take longer and process things differently.
    I’ve also been through what you are going through and totally understand. Life changes, and we have to change along with it.
    If one really enjoys blogging even if it’s for money, they will come back to it.
    Great topic Bren!


    1. Hi Lisa,

      I continue to think of you and what you’re going through. I’m sure life has been a bit of a whirlwind as of late. I’m so sorry, my friend. Life doesn’t always happen the way we want it too, unfortunately.

      I know you won’t stay gone long. Just look at today. You’re commenting on other blogs. I’m sure it helps keep your mind off other things so I’m glad I could help with my post.

      You know if you need anything, you always have a friend in me. You name it, you got it.

      Hang in there my friend. Better days are coming. xox



      1. Thanks Bren, and you are right. It does help to get back into it. It makes me feel a sense of normal. I am doing laundry and am up late so I’m back at it 🙂
        Thank you, much appreciated Bren!


        1. Ya can’t keep you down for long, Lisa. You take the time you need to get yourself back together and you’re right back at the socializing. I hope all is well on your end. xo


  2. This made me smile because blogging and life mess with each other all the time. When life is busy and exciting and there are things you could be writing about, you don’t have time to sit and do it. Then when life is slow and boring and you have lots of time on your hands, there is nothing to write about! Oh the dilemma!! I’m doing the AtoZ Challenge to try to inspire my Blogging Muse (who is currently napping) hopefully posting every day will wake her up.
    Don’t forget to link up with us at #MLSTL if you have time – this would be the perfect post xx


    1. Hi Leanne,

      I’m glad I can make you smile with my bloggy. I see many of you are doing the A to Z Challenge. Someday I’d love to do that but right now, I’d fail miserably. I just don’t know how y’all are doing it!

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment here, my friend! And yes, I did link up and love it! Thanks!



  3. Great post Bren, it seems we’re on a similar wavelength in regards to blogging 😊 I’m glad you are living your life and I know exactly what you mean about the blog suffering at the same time. It’s hard to fit it all in but we really need to take the pressure of ourselves. Enjoy life 😊 great to connect with you.


    1. Hi Debbie and thank you. I was so happy when I read your post about blogging because we want to blog. My business blog suffers because I don’t get the time and everything I could blog about has been done by someone else a gazillion times. That’s why lifestyle blogs are so much fun. No one’s blog post is going to be the same old bla bla snore, ya know?

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting and Yes! I subscribe to your blog. Love your stuff! 🙂


    1. Hey Christie! I’m glad you feel the same! When I started to monetize my blog, I lost my voice. It became one of those “other” blogs. The “me too” ones. Yuk! the pressure to make a buck overtook my gift of gab. It was obnoxious! Glad to be back to blogging because I wanna share my stories and slowly I’m getting my groove back.

      Thanks for commenting!


  4. Hi there! I came over from #MLSTL… and yeah, life has gotten in the way of my blogging at times. I do blog for fun, and the connections. The insights and the inspiration. I feel guilty if I don’t read and comment on other’s posts… and now follow so many folks that sometimes gets in the way of me even writing my own. (if you haven’t caught the bug on reading the A to Z challenges… DON’T! LOL)

    BTW – my goal as a hobby-blogger is one post a week…. and I never beat myself up for less. But I do worry when I feel like I have nothing to say. And I know I’m never gonna become famous this way….but the blogging has helped with connections and inspiration, so I keep on keeping on.


    1. Hi Pat! Ya know, I went through the same phase of not being able to read and comment but with the number of bloggers that are doing it now, it’s very difficult to be everywhere at once! That is one reason why I joined up with the MLSTL. It makes it easy to focus on those who link up and then whatever time is left can be for your own blog or others outside the link up.

      I like the fact you have a routine set and I should jump on that bandwagon. But there are times like you said, you have nothing to say. Tis best maybe not to blog that week?

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment and look forward to reading more of you content. 🙂


  5. I was attracted to your title- it is so real! Blogging can suck the life out of you, especially if you enter the hustle to be more, get all the likes and followers and get rich. I am in it for the self-expression and meeting amazing people from all over the world. Nice to meet you at MLSTL.


    1. Hi Michele! You’re so right! So many get caught up in all that mess that it sucks everything from them, including their voice. Sad, right? Great to meet you too and looking forward to reading more from you!


  6. Blogging can suck the life right outta you, but it can also remind you that you have been holding your breath and remind you to breathe. And you are right, blogging can be a business or an avocation, but it can also be a “because I have to” sort of thing.


    1. Hi Nancy! Yes, I don’t care for the “because I have to” and don’t push myself into that pattern. If I’m not feeling it or have nothing to say, I don’t push it. I’d rather publish content of value than to just yada yada yada….

      Great to have you here!


  7. No worries, blogging can go by the wayside if life is keeping you busy. The blog(s) will always be there when you are ready or have time. Live life and ENJOY every minute!!


    1. Hi Cherie! You said it, girl! The one thing I found though is if you’re gone too long, you may lose a bit of your following. Nowadays it’s a lot hard to rebuild that with so many other bloggers offering freebies and other incentives. This is why I love bloggers who just want to blog and connect with others. Thanks for sharing with us!


  8. Blogging can suck the life out of you and I keep getting pulled back into it! I’m now doing the AtoZ Challenge which has taken over my life LOL:) this was such a great piece Bren and you certainly aren’t alone when it comes to blogging or coping with life in general. I think we get brainwashed into thinking that if we don’t blog we will lose our readers. Then we need to take a reality check and remember that is really a first world problem. Thanks so much for sharing with us at #MLSTL and have a great week!


    1. Hey Sue! I can’t believe you doing the A to Z Challenge. Power to ya, girl! I’m sure the challenge brings in new readers and faces. I’m glad to hear I’m not alone. Life does happen and we need to keep it as a priority. Blogging will always be there in same shape or form, right?

      Thanks for hosting the MLSTL! I’m going to make every effort of linking up every week! Take care!


  9. Oh boy! Can I ever relate! Probably the biggest reason I decided to do the A to . Challenge was to get back to writing daily. It’s so easy to convince myself that no one really wants to read what I write, so why bother. But then I realize I live doing it for me! Having others enjoy my work is icing on the cake!!


    1. Hey Laura! I’m glad you can relate! Pushing yourself to write daily can be a good thing but please don’t let it overwhelm you. I always told myself that there is a reader for every blog post, we may not know it unless we check our analytics though. I’m happy to hear your back at doing what you love. Keep up the good work, girly!


  10. I blog for the fun of it but there have been times over the last two years it wasn’t fun. Finding my niche was hard but I think I have found it. Good luck on your new journeys.


    1. I think we all go through the same struggles, Victoria so don’t beat yourself up over it. Finding our niche can be the toughest part especially as a lifestyle blogger that dabbles in a bit more than just that. I happy to meet you and look forward to getting to know you better! Keep on blogging….for fun that is. 😉


  11. Hey Bren,

    Life isn’t straight is it?
    Things happen on the way and some of the people moving along with us get dropped off.

    Some are just over taken by events. Some move to better paths. All is that they left us.

    I can think of Andrienne Smith, Carol Amato, etc just to name a few. We used to comment and share lovely. But life is just that way.

    I was away from my blog for over 1.5 years. My traffic slumped from 1800+ daily readers to less than 200. Income from blogging dropped so terribly. Then I got Ryan to help rebuild the engagement. Now I’m back and getting things back to other.

    We cannot avoid these things in life. We only have to be able to manage them.



    1. Hi Enstine! Fancy seeing you here! 😉

      I remember when Adrienne said she was no longer going to blog. I couldn’t believe it! I remember when Carol disappeared off the face of the earth! Has anyone heard from her since?

      It’s true. Some move on to bigger and better things and some, well life gets in the way and we can only hope to return to our passions.

      Sadly, like you said, you can leave and lose quite a bit of your following. But your content is so valued that it wouldn’t take you long to rebuild it and be better than ever. Keep at it my friend!

      I am really humbled that you took time to stop by my lifestyle blog. Thank you!!


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