Before Cellphones….There Was…The Newspaper

Before Cellphones There Was The Newspaper

Let’s face it, with today’s technologies we are totally spoiled! I mean I remember as a child having to physically check in with mom every couple of hours either physically or by landline telephone (remember them?). She wanted to know where I was, who I was with, and if there were parents or adults there to chaperone. If I was at a friend’s house, she did allow me to call her to check in and only to say “I’m alright” and “What time should I be home?”.

Before Cellphones….There Was…The Newspaper

But Times Have Changed

Children nowadays have cellphones, young children. They learn how to use cellphones before they even get their own because parents will allow them to use their own cellphones to keep them occupied. It’s strange to me how children can manipulate computers and cellphones even before learning to cursive write them names! Oh wait, they aren’t even teaching cursive writing anymore, are they?

Whatever happened to playing outside and riding bicycles?

Children who do go out to ride bikes, have to wear crash helmets and elbow/knee pads. How do children learn pain (like we did by falling off our bikes) if they are too pampered?

Speaking of Times Changing

I remember as a child on Sunday mornings after church or breakfast, Dad would always go to the bathroom with his newspaper! I swear the bathroom in my childhood home would smell of coffee, cigarettes, and other unmentionables. Dad would come out of the bathroom and toss the newspaper on the kitchen table. It would sit there until I was ready to read the comics, check out the movie listings, and do the crossword puzzle or word search.

But this is totally gross, right?

But then times change.

Not many people read the actual paper newspaper now, right? We have Kindle Readers, Cellphones, or tablets to entertain us in the bathroom. It’s not like we are glued to the Wallstreet Journal or anything. It’s social media!

I am guilty of this. Truly, as I type this I know it really is a gross and not cool thing to do, but I’m not alone. A lot of us do it.

Before Cellphones There Was The Newspaper

When I used to read the newspaper, scanning the news, jobs, or comic section, we would get ink on our fingers. And if you had on white pants or a shirt, chances were they would be maimed by the blasted newspaper ink. Those dirty newspapers that were handled by some many people even before us. We lick our fingers, turn the page, lick our fingers, eat, lick our fingers, turn the page. This is totally disgusting!

Are you grossed out yet?

But with cellphones, it’s not like we can sanitize them, right? Have you really thought about it?

Our phones are walking incubators for germs. Think about how many places you take your phone out (without cleaning your hands), sit them down on a table or counter, text on them, wipe your eye, repeat.

So You See, Times Have Really Changed

and maybe not for the better. What do you think? When we think of how technology has evolved is it really better than its predecessors?

Before cellphones….there was…..the newspaper.


3 thoughts on “Before Cellphones….There Was…The Newspaper

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  1. Yes, I used to love reading the Sunday paper at the kitchen table with my coffee. Haha, I wasn’t one to take into the bathroom. I laughed at your description of the smells in the bathroom b/c both of my parents smoked when I was a child and they did it in the bathroom too. Super gross. I think our cell phones are germy, but at least no one else touches them. I do wipe mine down when I think of it (hardly ever) LOL.

    AS for kids and playing outside, do they do that anymore? I see ads on television by our government ‘participaction’ programs calling for families to get outside and enjoy nature. The slogan for the ad is “let kids be kids”. I’m not sure what happened with the last generation but they seem to have raised kids that don’t get off the couch or are constantly chaperoned everywhere.

    Great post, Bren. I miss the newspaper reading but not the ink. There are still a few around and that’s a good thing when our power is out. 😀


  2. So funny you ended with how gross and germy our cellphones are… been thinking about that too! Big yuck. Also, just today my son had his school parent-teacher conferences and his English teacher suggested ??? Read the newspaper!!



  3. I not only used to read the newspaper every day, Bren, I used to write stories for it, from the time I was a kid out of college through my 50s. Then, technology. Gadgets. Websites. Blogs.
    I must say I miss the smell of the ink when they cranked up those huge presses.
    Stains on my shirt? Heck, there’s enough coffee on there anyway!
    Germs? I’m still tickin’ and kickin’ and typin’ on my iPad to respond to your blog.


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