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Welcome to the Land of Cray!

I’m Bren, or for all intents and purposes here, Miss. B.

To define who I am, just doesn’t seem possible. I am so many things to so many people, including myself. 🙂

I’m not new to the world of blogging. In fact, A Splash of Cray is a relaunch of the previous blog that I stopped abruptly. That was a bad point in my life and thankfully, all that is behind me.

I’ve been blogging since 2010. I started as a pet blogger yabbering away about my rescue dog, rehabilitating him, and learning how to deal with the constantly defending my first every bully.

I then turned to blogging about lifestyle. Relationships, Women, Women’s Health, Blogging, and Social Media.

Next, I got a hankering to start my own business, in which I did and continue to do to date! I realized during my blogging time, how passionate I was about designing blogs and helping others create their own vision. Thus, my biz was born.

Almost three (3) years later now and I find everyone and their mother is basically blogging about Blogging, Social Media, and Monetizing. From a business aspect, I got stuck on what to write on my own blog.

This has left me with a huge emptiness over the past couple years because I truly missing blogging about lifestyle. The older we get, especially the midlife woman, the more seasoned we are and have so much to tell!

I’ve recently had a huge lifestyle change, for the better I might add, and decided since I am in a happy place now, maybe, just maybe is the right time to relaunch my beloved A Splash of Cray.

However, if you remember the old A Splash of Cray, it’s matured now. We aren’t whining about politics, failed marriages, menopause (not so much), or all those other things that can make people cringe and judge you. As a matter of fact, we’re not whining at all! We’re telling it like it is! Like it or not!

A Splash of Cray is open to Guest Bloggers, Product Reviews, Sponsored Content, and Building a Community where people can feel free to share their opinions (as long as it’s the same as mine …just kidding).

I have high hopes for the relaunch. None of the old content can be found here. It’s been blown to smithereens and will never be revived to meet the public’s eye!

I look forward to sharing my new life with you, my readers, my beloved friends, and building new relationships with all of you. Starting a new blog in this bloggy-verse is a bit intimidating as so many have made it to the big time! But I’m not going to let that deter me. I have my mission that is all MINE and I’m anxious to get started!

Enough of my ramblin’s, let’s get down to business!

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